Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Halloween Costumes for Pets

Looking to dress up your beloved pet/s for Halloween? There are over 50 Halloween Pet Costumes available for immediate shipping including Big Daddy Pimp Dog, Spiderman, K9 Fire Rescue, Zorro, Raja the Tiger, Lil Bandito, Princess, Dracula, Hot Dog, Bride, Basketball Air Bud and many more

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Paris heiress Adult Paris Hilton Halloween Costume is Number One

As of today, three weeks before Halloween 2004, the most popular Halloween Costume for girls and women is the PARIS HEIRESS costume complete with that must have accessory, Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbell.


Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

There are many new 2004 Plus Size Halloween Costumes some of which are pictured below and include Double Zip Nurse, Gothic High Prom Queen, sexy schoolgirl, I love Lucy, Wizard of Oz Dorothy, devil Queen, French maid, plug and socket, razzle dazzle Mama, skeleton bride, fairy-licious and many more for you to search on.

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sexy Halloween Costumes

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Almost four hundred sexy Halloween costumes to choose from. Here are top four most popular new for 2004 so far.

Infant Halloween Costumes

CLICK HERE to search for INFANT Halloween Costumes has well over 100 of the most popular infant Halloween Costumes including many new editions for Halloween 2004 as pictured below. Most are shipped within 24 hours but some of the very popular infant Halloween costumes are running low in stock so please order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Paris Hilton Halloween Costume

This girl Paris Hilton is a spoilt brat and won't settle for a simple life! Paris Hilton Halloween Costume includes Blue stretch denim lace up tank top, matching ruffle skirt, removable "Hello My Name Is Paris H." badge, and stuffed puppy. (Four piece set.) Available in Adult sizes:
Small - Dress size: 2-6, Weight: 90-120 lbs., Cup size: A/B
Medium - Dress size: 8-10, Weight: 120-140 lbs., Cup size: Up to B/C
Large - Dress size: 12-14, Weight: 140-160 lbs., Cup size: Up to C/D
Availability: 24 hours

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Halloween Costumes Women NEW 2004

Three of the many new women's Halloween costumes for 2004

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Parents buying racy costumes for halloween

(LOUISVILLE, September 16th, 2004, 2 p.m.) -- A new Halloween costume for kids is so controversial that some stores in Kentuckiana refuse to sell it, but others have no problem selling the pimp and prostitute outfits. As WAVE 3 Investigator Eric Flack reports, some parents want the questionable costumes on local shelves.

At Ron's Halloween Store on Hurstbourne Parkway, Mike Flood knows there are all sorts of choices for 6-year-old Cory Cooper. But an outfit designed to make him look like a pimp is not one of them. "He doesn't even have that option, there's no way -- no. It would go right back on the shelf."

The controversial costumes for kids are this Halloween's most talked about items. You'll find both of them at Halloween Express; Ron's is only carrying a little pimp outfit.

Both stores say they decided to offer them because parents wanted them. Tiffany Galyean, with Ron's Halloween Store says "yeah there was some discussion about whether we should carry it, but when so many people ask for it, we kind of have to do what the customer is asking for."

In this case, however, Chuck Mattingly, who owns Horner Novelty, doesn't believe the customer is right, and says you will not find kiddie pimps and prostitutes costumes at Horner Novelty. "My first reaction was that I couldn't believe they were making something for children in that line."

On a night when children can dress up as everything from Jesus to GI Joe, Mattingly says he wasn't about to let his business give children the option of dressing up as pimps or prostitutes. "Those individuals out there that want to let their kids do that, more power to them. But I think it's the wrong message for children."

Sue Testermen, a mother who was shopping for Halloween supplies, says "it's a true reflection of the world that we are selling this stuff and allowing our children to wear it."

Thankfully for his father, little Cory is more interested in ghosts and goblins. "Prostitution's not cool, and the people behind the girls doing that definitely aren't cool."

Obviously, not everyone agrees. "It's definitely a big change from the angels and kitty cats that we were when I was a kid," Testermen says.

The costumes sell for about $40. One California website that had been offering the pimps and prostitutes outfits for kids has stopped, possibly because of a lot of negative buzz it was generating on the Internet

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Halloween Costumes Online

Buy your Halloween Costumes Direct from the Internet's largest halloween Costume retailer

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